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Mitsubishi PLC, program editing, specific production, setting scheme

Mitsubishi PLC, program editing, specific production, setting scheme

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Mitsubishi PLC

FX1S series:

Several commonly used Mitsubishi plc

Several commonly used Mitsubishi plc

Mitsubishi PLC is an integrated small unit PLC. It has full scalability such as performance and communication capabilities. If you consider the installation space and cost is an ideal choice.

FX1N series:

It is a powerful popular PLC launched by Mitsubishi Electric. With extended input and output, analog control and communication, link function and other scalability. It is a widely used Mitsubishi PLC for sequential control.

FX2N series:

At the time, Mitsubishi PLC was the most advanced series in the FX family. Features high-speed processing and the ability to expand a wide range of special function modules to meet individual needs, providing maximum flexibility and control for factory automation applications.

FX3U series:

It is a new third-generation Mitsubishi PLC newly launched by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, which may be called a small supreme product. The basic performance is greatly improved. The basic unit of the transistor output type has built-in 3-axis independent maximum 100kHz positioning function, and adds new positioning commands, which makes the positioning control function more powerful and more convenient to use. The FX3U series products are FX2N replacement products, and the FX2N series products are no longer available in December 2012. Everyone will choose FX3U series products in the future. Mitsubishi PLC-FX3U series product introduction:

● FX3U series PLC third-generation micro programmable controller with built-in RAM memory of up to 64K.

● Built-in high-speed processing of the industry's highest level of 0.065μS / basic instructions.

● Control scale: 16~384 (including CC-LINK I/O) points.

● Built-in independent 3-axis 100kHz positioning function (transistor output type).

● A powerful and easy-to-use adapter can be connected to the left side of the base unit.

● The built-in programming port can achieve high-speed communication of 115.2kbps, and can use up to three communication ports at the same time.

● Up to 84 points (including remote I/O) can be controlled by extension of the CC-Link network.

● The device can be monitored, tested, and clocked.

● The FX3U series can also be mounted on the panel of the control cabinet.

● FX3U series PLC programming software: GX Developer 8.23Z or higher is required.

FX3G series:

It is a new third-generation Mitsubishi PLC newly launched by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The basic unit comes with two high-speed communication interfaces (RS422 & USB, built-in up to 32K large-capacity memory, basic command processing speed of 0.21μs in standard mode, control scale: 14~ 256 points (including CC-LINK network I/O), easy to set positioning function (up to three axes), up to 4 FX3U special adapters can be connected to the left side of the basic unit, which can realize floating point calculation, and can set two levels of passwords, each level 16 characters, enhanced password protection

FX1NC FX2NC FX3UC Mitsubishi PLC:

On the basis of maintaining the original powerful functions, the extremely large scale reduction I/O type wiring interface reduces the wiring cost and saves time.

Q series Mitsubishi PLC:

The large PLCs introduced by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation include CPUs of basic type, high-performance CPUs, process control CPUs, motion control CPUs, and redundant CPUs. Can meet a variety of complex control needs. Mitsubishi Electric's rapid development in China, in order to better meet the domestic users' requirements for high-performance and low-cost products of Mitsubishi PLC and Q series products, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has launched the economical QUATESET-type Mitsubishi PLC, which is equipped with 64 points. 5-slot Q00JCOUSET for high-density mixing unit; another 8-slot Q00JCPU-S8SET with 2 16-point switching inputs and 2 16-point switching outputs. Its performance is fully compatible with Q00J and fully supports GX-Developer. And so on, so it has an excellent price/performance ratio.

A series Mitsubishi PLC:

Mitsubishi PLCA Series

Mitsubishi PLCA Series

Using Mitsubishi dedicated sequencer (MSP), the speed/command is comparable to the large Mitsubishi PLC; the A2ASCPU supports 32 PID loops. The number of loops of the QnASCPU is unlimited, and can vary with the size of the memory; the program capacity is from 8K steps to 124K steps. If the memory card is used, the QnASCPU can be expanded to 2M bytes; there are a variety of special modules to choose from. Including network, positioning control, high-speed counting, temperature control and other modules.

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