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TRH-L-J Vortex flowmeter, flow sensor

TRH-L-J Vortex flowmeter, flow sensor

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Introduction editor

The vortex flowmeter is also called a vortex flowmeter or a Karman vortex flowmeter. Comprehensively absorbing the advanced technology of developed countries and summarizing the research and production experience for many years, the products have been carefully designed to realize the product intelligence, standardization, serialization, generalization, production and mold, and ensure the beauty of product quality. The product has the characteristics of advanced circuit, low power consumption, wide range ratio, simple structure, small resistance loss, sturdy and durable, wide application, long service life, stable operation and easy installation and debugging.

Principle editing

When a triangular column type vortex generator is provided in the fluid, regular vortices are alternately generated from both sides of the vortex generator. These vortices are called Karman vortices, and the vortex rows are arranged asymmetrically downstream of the vortex generator.

The vortex flowmeter is a volumetric flowmeter that measures the volumetric flow of a gas, vapor or liquid, the volumetric flow rate of a standard condition, or the mass flow rate according to the Karman vortex street principle (Kármán Vortex Street). It can also be used as a flow transmitter in an automated control system.

The vortex flowmeter uses the principle of fluid oscillation to measure the flow. When the fluid passes through the vortex flow transmitter in the pipeline, the two vortexes proportional to the flow velocity are alternately generated after the vortex generator of the triangular prism, and the vortex release frequency and The average velocity of the fluid flowing through the vortex generator and the characteristic width of the vortex generator can be expressed by the following formula:

Picture keyword

Where: The picture keyword is the release frequency of the vortex, the unit is Hz; v is the average velocity of the fluid flowing through the vortex generator, the unit is m/s; d is the characteristic width of the vortex generator, the unit is m; St is Ster The Strouhal number, dimensionless, has a value range of 0.14-0.27.

St is a function of Reynolds number, picture keyword.

When the Reynolds number Re is within the picture keyword range, the St value is approximately 0.2. In the measurement, try to satisfy the Reynolds number of the fluid in the picture keyword, at this time the vortex frequency picture keyword.

Thus, by measuring the vortex frequency, the average velocity v of the fluid flowing through the vortex generator can be calculated, and the flow rate q can be obtained from the image keyword, where A is the cross-sectional area of the fluid flowing through the vortex generator.

Technical indicator editor

Measuring medium: gas, liquid, steam

Connection method: flanged, flanged, plug-in

Caliber specifications Flange card mounting caliber 25,32,50,80,100

Flange connection type selection 100,150,200

Flow measurement range Normal measurement flow rate range Reynolds number 1.5 × 104 ~ 4 × 106; gas 5 ~ 50m / s; liquid 0.5 ~ 7m / s.

Normal measurement flow range The measurement range of liquid and gas flow is shown in Table 2; the steam flow range is shown in Table 3.

Measurement accuracy 1.0 level 1.5 level

Temperature of the measured medium: normal temperature –25°C~100°C, high temperature –25°C~150°C -25°C~250°C

Output signal Pulse voltage output signal High level 8~10V Low level 0.7~1.3V

Pulse duty cycle is about 50%, transmission distance is 100m

Pulse current remote transmission signal 4~20 mA, transmission distance is 1000m

Instrument use environment Temperature: -25 ° C ~ +55 ° C Humidity: 5 ~ 90% RH50 ° C

Material Stainless steel, aluminum alloy

Power supply DC24V or lithium battery 3.6V

Explosion-proof grade Intrinsic safety type iaIIbT3-T6, protection class IP65.

Feature editing

The structure is simple and firm, has no moving parts, high reliability and long-term operation is very reliable.

Easy to install and easy to maintain.

The detection sensor does not directly contact the measured medium, and the performance is stable and the life is long.

The output is a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate, with no zero drift and high precision.

The measuring range is wide and the turndown ratio is up to 1:10.

The pressure loss is small, the operating cost is low, and it is more energy-saving.

In a certain range of Reynolds number, the output signal frequency is not affected by fluid physical properties and composition changes. The meter factor is only related to the shape and size of the vortex generator. There is no need to compensate when measuring the volume flow of the fluid. Calibrate the meter factor.

Wide range of applications, steam, gas, liquid flow can be measured.

The verification period is two years.

Vortex flow sensor application inner diameter range of 25-300mm (full tube)

The plug-in vortex flow sensor has an internal diameter range of 350-1200 mm (plug-in type).

Full tube measurement liquid accuracy is 1%

Measuring steam and gas accuracy is 1.5%

Plug-in measurement liquid accuracy is 2%

Measuring steam and gas accuracy is 2.5%

The measured medium temperature is -20~150°C, -40~250°C, +100~350°C (only tube type)

The output signal is a three-wire voltage pulse, a three-wire system of 4-20 mA, and a two-wire system of 4-20 mA.