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About fire positive pressure air supply system improvement

2018-12-18 17:48:28

About fire positive pressure air supply system improvement

Fundamental basis for product development and user use

  TRH-212/TRH-212X is used to control the front room, the front room, the fire elevator front room, the enclosed refuge floor, the smoke-proof stairwell, and the closed stairwell pressure difference control. The purpose is to immediately when the fire hazard occurs. Start, control the front room, use the front room, fire elevator front room, enclosed refuge floor, smoke-proof stairwell, closed stairwell pressurization, so that the above areas maintain wind pressure, other areas of smoke and harmful gases can not invade, people There is a safe environment. But it can't make the wind pressure in the current area too large to affect the escape. This is the ultimate goal.

According to the National Standard for the People's Republic of China on June 1, 2015, the Code for Fire Protection of Building Design GJBT-1257, "Fire Protection Regulations for High-rise Civil Buildings" and the technical specifications for building smoke control systems issued in 2015 clearly indicate:

8.3.1: Smoke-proof stairwells, fire-fighting elevator front rooms and use front rooms that do not have natural smoke-removing measures shall be provided with independent mechanical pressure-fed smoke prevention measures.

8.3.7: The full pressure of the mechanically pressurized blower, in addition to the calculation of the most unfavorable ring pipe head loss, there should be residual pressure. The remaining pressure values should meet the following requirements: The smoke-proof stairwell is 40Pa to 50Pa. The front room, the combined front room, the fire elevator front room, and the closed refuge floor (between) are 25Pa to 30Pa.

Our company is an early enterprise engaged in the research and manufacture of positive pressure air supply system measurement and control. It is aimed at controlling the front room, combining the front room, the front room of the fire elevator, the closed refuge floor, the smoke-proof stairwell, and the control of the pressure difference between the closed stairwells. Introduce three special differential pressure controllers and matching control boxes to solve the problem of smoke prevention and exhaust in the front room and stairwell:

A.TRH-212 differential pressure controller (common type)

B.TRH-212X differential pressure controller (display control integrated type)

C.TRH-X-02 bypass pressure relief valve control box (dedicated control box)