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Multi-tank liquid level control and viewing water level change system, centralized control of multiple water level high and low systems

2018-12-18 17:48:28

Honghuayu Engineering System - Multi-tank liquid level control

Honghuayu Technology is based on today's society with engineering projects and automated production: energy saving, high efficiency and accuracy. System operation: automation, man-machine monitoring. The new system requirements such as the purpose of research and development, assembly, and create a variety of sensors: pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors and other inductive components. Industrial control class control: adjustable liquid level, pressure, flow, temperature controller, touch screen, frequency converter, PLC. Customized proprietary program system includes: water level/hydration monitoring system, oil pressure monitoring system, flow monitoring system, temperature monitoring system, fire positive pressure air supply residual pressure control system, PC interface record display various application programs, man-machine program, frequency conversion energy saving System, PLC program, etc.

PLCFrequency converterTouch screen, man-machine interface