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Foshan Honghuaheng Co., Ltd.

The company is called Honghuaheng Technology, located in Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. This type of transportation is a new integrated area that is easy to combine technology and innovation. It consists of a group of people who have been engaged in the research, development and automation of the intelligent industry for many years.

Honghua Heng Technology is based on today's social engineering projects, automated production and: energy-saving, efficient, precise requirements, operating system: automation, human-machine monitoring. New system requirements, such as research and development, assembly and generation of sensors for the purposes of: pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, gas sensors and other sensors. . Control industrial control level: adjustable liquid level, pressure, flow, temperature controller, touch screen, frequency converter, PLC. Industrial electrical types: electric valves, sound and light alarms, power converters, motors, fans, pumps. Processing: fine metal processing, custom plastic shape. Customized proprietary program systems include: water/hydrological monitoring systems, oil pressure monitoring systems, flow monitoring systems, temperature monitoring systems, pressure control systems, positive pressure control, profile control systems, display of various applications, machine programs, frequency converters, Energy saving system, PLC program, etc.